How To Use DeSalt


Simply mix with water and apply (spray, brush, soak).

For GENERAL PURPOSE cleaning and washing add DeSalt in to a bucket of water and apply to the surface with a soft bristle brush.

TIP: Wetting the surface down first with water to remove loose dirt and reduce the chance of scratching surfaces makes the job even better.

Except for large build ups the results are immediate. Build ups can be broken down by regular, frequent applications and leaving the product on in built up areas to soak in and dissolve the salt.

Corrosion inhibitors are only active on surfaces that stay wet. An important note: Water based DeSalt is not a coating product and doesn't bind to surfaces.

Doesn't cause streaks or leave spots.

It is SAFE on all surfaces including aluminium and other metals, plastic, vinyl, waxed surfaces, rubber and paint.

Mixing Guide:

It's not liquid gold! We've made DeSalt great value so you don't need to be precious with it and measurements don't need to be exact. A stronger solution won't hurt.

Here's a guide to dilution ratios for different applications. They are expressed as percentages to make it easy - e.g. 5% is 50ml per 1 litre. Also as a guide one cap full is about 10ml.

FLUSHING: Boat engine flushing 2.5% for a regular flush, 5% to 8% for annual maintenance.

WASHING: Boat/Car/Trailer/Dive Gear/Kayaks etc 2.5% for a regular wash, 5% for a heavy duty clean

SOAKING: Immersion applications for light metal corrosion removal 10% solution and soak for seven days.

GLASS CLEANING: Dilute to 2.5%