What is DeSalt?


DeSalt is a marine engine flush and all purpose salt cleaning liquid. It safely dissolves salt from all surfaces of your marine items to clean and protect them from the corrosive sea and salt air. 

It can be used on boats, trailers, cars, kayaks, dive gear, fishing rods, house windows plus more - in fact, anything that comes into contact with salt water or sea spray.

It is specifically designed to protect your valuable assets, toys and property - it will even help dissolve salt deposits in your boat engine and prevent rust.

    A cowling hinge on an outboard motor before soaking in a 10% DeSalt solution for 7 days.


    • DeSalt is 100% New Zealand made and has been formulated for New Zealand marine conditions.
    • Offers the best value product for removing sea salt from any surface that has been in contact with salt water or spray.
    • Originally created for its primary function of flushing engines, DeSalt soon became much more.
    • Biodegradable and environmentally friendly with a neutral PH.
    • It also acts as a rust retardant and removes surface rust from some metal surfaces, plus it’s an all-purpose cleaner for all your gear that goes in or near the sea.
    • Diluted down to 2.5%, DeSalt works well as a glass cleaner. 

    How Does It Work?

    • DeSalt has a blend of surface active agents which quickly break down salt and dirt which is then simply rinsed away.
    • It dissolves surface rust and acts as a rust retardant, has very little glass streaking, and brightens and enhances surface colours.
    • When used as an engine flush it cleans, purges and helps prevent salt formation and inhibits rust in your engine.
    Check out the video below.

      DeSalt Products

      Choose the right size for your needs. For the occasional boatie the 2 litre size is sufficient, but if you’re a regular out on the water, the 5 litre size will last you longer and is more cost effective.

      Add the DeSalt Dispenser Mixer and you’ve got your engine flush and marine cleaning all sorted.

      DeSalt Salt Remover 2 Litres

      The 2 litre DeSalt concentrate makes up to 40 litres at 5% dilution.
      $45.00 plus shipping.

      DeSalt Salt Remover 5 Litres

      The 5 litre DeSalt concentrate makes up to 100 litres at 5% dilution.
      $90.00 plus shipping.

      DeSalt Dispenser Mixer

      Make it even easier to use and wash down your boat and gear with the Dispenser Mixer. Simply plug the host attachment dispenser to wash down your boat or gear, or plug it directly into your motor to flush it. Has three handy settings to use.
      $49.99 plus shipping.