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Click on the link below to read our review "Prevent Salt Corrosion with Desalt" on     The Fishing Website, fishing knowledge

Other happy customer reviews:

“It’s very affordable and certainly is a small price to pay to look after some very valuable boats, engines and fishing and diving gear that get a tough time in the marine environment”.   Fishing Website review.

"I have used Desalt since it came on the market.  My Opti 175 has just had its 500 hour service, the mechanic was surprised at the lack of salt build up, all in top order! I also use it as a final boat rinse and trailer wash down, looks great. Great inexpensive product! Chris B, Whakatane. 

“DeSalt’s just brilliant. I got sick of paying too much for generic products and it’s been so easy to use with the dispenser.  It also doesn’t leave a cloudy residue like most of the more expensive products”.    Jordan B.   Mt Manganui, NZ.

“I apply DeSalt to my windows. I live near the sea and this is a great product to clean the salt from the exteriors of my windows”.    Clive. Thames, NZ.,
“What I love about it is that it’s so quick and easy to use.  Good stuff.”   ,Sean.   Mapua, NZ.,
“So affordable.  Essential for the boat and all my gear but especially my mag wheels after hauling the boat in”  Fishing Mag review.
“Glad I found this stuff.  Great price, friendly to the environment and actually works.  Won’t buy anything else in future.  Thanks guys”  Chris G.  Raglan, NZ.
“I started using DeSalt back in 2013 and I am very happy with it and will continue to use it”.  John C.  Lyttleton and Great Barrier, NZ